Dawn Raid

Adeaze - Always & For Real
Dawn Raid Entertainment 2006

01. Always & For Real
02. Memory Lane
03. Change Your Ways
04. A Life With You
05. Getting Stronger feat. Aaradhna
06. How Deep Is Your Love
07. Interlude
08. Dear Babe
09. E Paia
10. Love Is True
11. Tears In Heaven
12. Never Gonna Let You Die
13. The Lord Is My Light

Reviewing this album seems a bit superfluous as the charts have already given their approval to the debut effort of R'n'B duo Nainz and Viiz Tupa'i, aka Adeaze. This is a very slick example of Pacific R'n'B, produced with the help of good folks at Dawn Raid Entertainment. 'Always & for Real' is an album that is uncompromising in every sense. From the sparkling recording, capturing their soaring Polynesian harmonies with absolute clarity, through to their obvious faith and cultural pride, to the outstanding quality of the artwork - this is one well put together album. Adeaze have an intentionally positive focus to their music, and this album is rich in songs that affirm family and strong relationships. There is more than a passing credit to their Polynesian heritage, yet without becoming too introspective. There's a sense that we're getting an intimate look into the lives of Adeaze, with an warmth that draws us into the Tupa'i family through both the style and themes of the music. Originals are interspersed with covers including the Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love and Clapton's Tears in Heaven. A well presented showcase of some outstanding talent.

Tim Page, NZ Musician

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