Dawn Raid

Deceptikonz - Elimination
Dawn Raid Entertainment 2001

01 - Introduction: Mobb Deep
02 - First Course Meal
03 - Swinging Blades
04 - More Than Meets The Eye
05 - Fallen Angels feat. P-Money
06 - Industry Shakedown - Interlude feat. U-God, Masta Killa, Fat Joe, Alchemist, Top Of Da South
07 - Elimination
08 - Verbal Abuse feat. Red Eye Society
09 - White Sunday Prelude
10 - U Want Beef
11 - Broken Home
12 - Four Horsedmen
13 - Beware

From the streets of South Auckland comes the Deceptikonz. Savage, Alphrisk, Devolo and the mighty Mareko combined create one of New Zealands most powerfull hip hop forces. This album reached #2 in the top 50 with killer tracks such as Fallen Angels, Elimination, Swingin Blades and Beware. This is definitely a must for any hip-hop collection.

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