Dawn Raid

Southside Story 2: International
Dawn Raid Entertainment 2001

01 - Intro - Brotha D
02 - Elimination - Deceptikonz
03 - Where We're Goin - Ghetto Rustlaz
04 - Girlz Pimp 2 - Jymini
05 - 2000 Beyond - KAOS
06 - Unstoppable - Ill Semantics
07 - I Know - Lyrical Lord
08 - Connect - DJ Sirvere feat Mareko & Scribe
09 - MIC T.H.U.G.S - Kardinal Offishall
10 - Bang Bang - Jymini
11 - Southside Souljahz - 275
12 - Runnin Thangs - KAOS
13 - Who Run This - B.A.G.S
14 - Verbal Assault - Ill Semantics
15 - Beware - Deceptikonz
16 - Game Of Death - Prince Domonique

Southside Story 2: International was released June 2001 through Dawn Raid Entertainment and King Distribution. A lot had changed from the first album as Dawn Raid had expanded into a clothing business, opened a streetwear store & Babershop and the business side of Dawn Raid was taking shape. Around this time the founders of Dawn Raid Entertainment Brotha D & YDNA had began taking trips overseas to America to investigate the music scene, it was in this environment that the new album was created. With connections made in L.A & N.Y Dawn Raid licensed tracks from Jymini repping the bay area on “Bang, Bang”, hooked in Canadian star Kardinal Offishall with “Mic T.H.U.G.S”, and spent a lot of time establishing the services of underground N.Y artists Ghetto Rustlaz, Prince Domonique and Harlem’s own B.A.G.S. After firmly establishing the international element, Dawn Raid gathered up the New Zealand troops to put the Aotearoa twist on the album.

The Deceptikonz debuted their lyrical frenzy on “Elimination” & “Beware” (which ended up getting them voted forbest new group bFM awards 2001). KAOS came through for the party as well as Ill Semantics who’s song “Verbal Assault” off the album spent 7 weeks at the top of student radio. Southside Story 2 also marked the debut of soloist's DJ Sir-Vere, Mareko & Scribe on the banger “Connect”.

“Dawn Raid Entertainment definitely shows the world that when it comes to delivering high quality rap music it really ain’t where you are from it’s where ya at. If you’re able to get your hands on this record definitely do so. It’s worth your money.”

Charlie Braxton - Murder Dog vl 8,#4

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